Lucas Store



 Welcome to my online store.

 This is where I upload my latest creations that are for sale, and are part of another context.
 It’s like making kids and sending them into the world, and this site is the departure gate. I like referring to my creations as kids, because I like to create with love, for me it’s like making love. Like a dialogue between spiritual and material where a state of fusion occurs and one becomes another. In the end, if all goes well, they become one; the material embedded with the spiritual. My goal is that, to achieve harmony. I would like to be a dancer, dance in the waves, dance all day, and for that to be my trade, to offer the world movements that brings peace and joy. But that's not around me, that possibility, it's not real, I can't grasp it, for now. So I make objects, with which I dance. In the process of making, my body lies in stillness but not my soul. The spirit flows into to material, so I hope and concentrate in the process of making. Stopping once in a while to dance and move the body, to be in balance, to awaken the muscles, to improve the posture and at the same time, the attitude towards life.
  All products are handmade by me, sometimes with the help of specific tools and techniques.
 The money that is earned by selling these products goes into more creative achievements like books and tree houses. It will also be used for a project that I'm involved in; rebuilding old houses on a farm in the countryside to accommodate people with artistic projects that are in need of a residency program.
 That is what drives me, to create and help people feel more alive. That is what I believe art is for. If you have any questions, please send me an email:

Thank you for coming and enjoy,